Our Firm

    Our Mission

    Quigley & Miron is committed to providing exceptional quality service to its clients.  Control over quality of services is of paramount importance, necessary to meet today’s business challenges and climate.  Quality control procedures and policies have been established to assure clients and the users of their financial statements uniformly high standards of audit quality.

    Firm Profile

    Founded in 1977, Quigley & Miron has significantly expanded and developed its professional staff and services over the years; Quigley & Miron has also invested heavily in technology resulting in a more efficient workforce and a paperless working environment. These investments allow Quigley & Miron to provide comprehensive specialized services to nonprofit organizations and taxable entities with one of a kind service and quality, at a reasonable cost.

    Nonprofit Organizations

    Quigley & Miron knows and understands the challenges of operating a nonprofit organization. This knowledge is based on the involvement of our staff, as directors and officers of various nonprofit organizations as well as hands-on experience in providing professional services to our clients. For small to mid-sized nonprofits, Quigley & Miron has extensive network of consultants to help both grow and expand services. More than 95 percent of the firm’s practice consists of nonprofit organizations, numbering in excess of 90 clients. Quigley & Miron’s nonprofit experience encompasses both public charities and private foundations (including private operating foundations) and government agencies. Quigley & Miron strives to maintain its reputation as a trusted nonprofit partner.

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